Foundations & Retaining Walls

PL Construction & Drainage guarantee precision and accuracy when working on foundations and Retaining Walls. All exempt and restricted building works are constructed to the NZS 3604 Building Code and completed to a high quality standard. PL Construction & Drainage Ltd also complete all excavations and drainage making all your ground work a one stop shop.

You can use rocks or other similar earth-based objects in place for sturdier foundations, which will also add beauty and characterize any landscape design that you have planned out beforehand!

landscaping north Auckland can be quite the challenge. The ground is often wet, making it harder to get a good anchor for your plants and stones which are all Accessories in this case! PL Construction & Drainage Ltd specializes in all types of projects, from small to large-scale renovations or new construction designs that will transform your property into an outdoor living space like no other! Our skilled team can provide you with any project made up of only us - so let’s work together and create something amazing today. 
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