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Auckland Drum Studio is one of the best drum schools. Drum school Auckland knows that what type of drum kit most bands use at their concerts and you also requires a complete drum kit. This set contains a bass drum, a verse drum and several cymbals. If you're just starting out with mastering the drums, you should also think about the standard equipment you'll need to get started. Know that you don't have to buy the most expensive piece of equipment you will find. The only thing to focus on before learning how to play this new instrument are the basic drum movements, as the general controls required to become a drum specialist need to be learned before practicing almost any music creation.

Beginner drum lessons will show you how to play simple beats on a snare drum. Your teacher will work on your hand positioning and show you how to grasp the drumsticks so they perform properly, then educate you on a few fundamental beats. There are some kinds of beginner drum lessons. Based on what type of music you are interested in, you can take jazz drum lessons, rock drum lessons or big band drum lessons. In each lesson you will learn the fundamentals of every kind of music for the drums. Jazz drum lessons will focus on jazz beats and expose you to the types of drums utilized in jazz like the tom toms, snare and cymbals. Rock lessons will focus on typical rock beats in four-four time, and expose you to similar drum instruments. Big band drum lessons will also expose you to reading sheet music.

Beginner drum lessons could be taken a couple of times per week plus they can last for as long as a couple of months. Typically, you will learn most of the foundation approaches to less than three weeks. From there, you can continue to construct on your skills and, for the way fast you progress, advance to intermediate and expert lessons.

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